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"The skin is no more separate from the brain than the surface of a lake from its depths. They are two different locations in a continuous medium, to touch the surface is to stir the depths."

Deane Judah


Meet Missie

For much of her life Missie Niles has owned and kept horses.


From 1977-1982 Missie was enlisted in the USAF as a Veterinary Specialist.


After leaving the armed services Missie attended the Montana State University Horseshoeing School.  The instructor, Jesse Armitage was an enthusiast of Ray Hunt and Natural Horsemanship.  Jesse introduced the class to a young and unknown Buck Brannaman.  The class spent a weekend discussing the art of Natural Horsemanship with Buck.


In the Spring of 2018 Missie attended the Brent Graef Young Horse Handling Clinic in Canyon,TX.  While there she spent a week with yearling colts that had never been handled.

The colts were caught, haltered, taught to lead trailer load, tie, pick up their feet, and accept saddle, blanket and cinch, all in a gentle and respectful way to each colt. 

Missie returned the following year for another Young Horse Handling Clinic.


Missie has attended;

The Equine Natural Movement School, Joseph Freeman, Instructor

School of Applied Integrative Therapy – Equine, Kim Kizzier Sherrodd, LMT, Instructor

Holistic Equine Academy of Lymphedema, Certified Equine Manual Lymph drainage, Theresa Mueller, BCTMB, ESMT Certified Lymphedema Therapist in MLD/CDT (human), Certified Equine Lymphedema Therapist in MLD/CDT.

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